Data Export Import Tool

Data Export Import Tool

  • 20 Jul 2018

Our capabilities of both generating and collecting data have been increasing rapidly in the last several decades. Contributing factors include the widespread use of bar codes for most commercial products, the computerisation of many business, scientific and government transactions, and advances in data collection tools ranging from scanned text and image platforms to satellite remote sensing systems. In addition, popular use of the World Wide Web as a global information system has flooded us with a tremendous amount of data and information. This explosive growth in stored data has generated an urgent need for new techniques and automated tools that can intelligently assist us in transfering the vast amounts of data from one source to another over internet

The vision is to make a simple, cost-effective and efficient system that provides quick and easy transfering of data from one source to another through internet.

In this work, To implement “Data Export/Import Tool” we used Java Standard Edition (Java SE). One major part of this tool is data base connectivity. Through this tool can connect with four types of data base server such as MySQL, Oracle, MS Access, and MS SQL Server. For these data base server used four types of data base connectivity. Data transfer handled from one data base server to another data base server using client server techniques.

For the testing purpose a sample application called Data Export/Import Application was build. Through this application can connect with Source Data base by clicking on the “Show Grid” button. After successful connection established it shows available “table” of connected Data base in the first Drop Down list. From this Drop Down list can choose table whose “Meta Data” shown inside the left side “List Box”. Before connected to host Data base, Data base type can be choose from second Drop Down of this application.

In this application support four kinds of Data base server like: MS Access Database (*.mdb), MySQL Database, MS SQL Server Database and Oracle Database. After choose the Data base type need to give the “host name/IP”, Data base name, username and password and clicking on the “Connect database” button. If user name and password is correct according to the given Data base connection is established to the Data base. After successful connection established it shows available “table” of connected Data base in the third Drop Down list of this application. From this Drop Down list can choose table whose “Meta Data” shown inside the right side “List Box”.

After shown the table’s “Meta Data” inside the right side list box, now it’s time to mapping between two lists box’s “Meta data”. First clicking on the one “Meta data” of the left side list box then clicking on another one “Meta data” of the right side list box. After doing this process a “blue” straight line drawn between two clicked “Meta data”. After completion of mapping clicking on the “Transform selected source & target” button, which will triger Data transfer from source to destination.

Mapping can be removed by clicking on the “Remap” button. Suppose first time you just map between two tables but not transfer, before transfer data you think that your mapping is not correct then you can remove current mapping by clicking on just ”Remap” button. After that you can do your correct mapping and transfer data.

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